Deionization & Chloramine Removal Systems & Cartridges

Deionization & Chloramine Removal Systems & Cartridges

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Perfect for adding deionization (DI) stages to your current RO system, or to upgrade your RO/DI system by adding an additional stage. Easily install in less than 10 minutes! Canisters come with our 10-inch clear, nuclear grade color changing mixed bed deionization resin cartridges (item 330091) and are refillable - bulk resin available in these sizes: 1 liter (refills 1.5, 10 inch cartridges), 2 liter (fills 3, 10 inch cartridges) and 5 liter (fills 7, 10 inch cartridges). We only use nuclear grade deionization resin, allowing you to create higher quality/lower TDS water with less resin. Resin changes from blue to amber when exhausted. Units with pre-installed meters use HM Digital DM-1 Dual TDS Meters with two sensors to monitor both incoming water into the DI canister(s), and also filtered water output from the system. All of our RO and DI systems use 1/4" push connect tubing and high-quality Buddie-Fit press fittings allowing them to be compatible with any Aquatic Life RO and RO/DI system, and most others available on the market today. All systems include 1/4" x 1/4" MPT Straight and 90° Elbow fittings w/Blue Clips, 5 ft. of Blue Poly tubing, Canister Wrench, Teflon Tape, and mounting screws. Easily install in less than 5 minutes! Items 540500 (2.5" x 10" Single Stage), 540501 (2.5" x 10" Dual Stage), 540502 (2.5" x10" Single Stage w/TDS Meter), 540503 (2.5" x 10" Dual Stage w/TDS Meter).

If your household water supply contains Chloramines we recommend installing one of our add-on chloramine removal units into your current RO system. Chloramine is a mixture of Chlorine and Ammonia and is now used by water treatment plants in 20% of the U.S. for disinfecting tap water. Standard RO systems will not remove chloramine from your water. If your household water supply contains chloramine we recommend installing one of our add-on chloramine removal units into your current RO system. If you are unsure your city uses chloramine, you may call your water treatment facility or city public works department and ask. They can usually provide you with a water quality report as well. The Aquatic Life Chloramine Removal Canister System includes 1 or 2 ChloraGuard Solid Catalytic Carbon Block cartridges and is ideal for chloramine removal in all standard reverse osmosis systems made by Aquatic Life and all other manufacturers such as Kent Marine, Seachem, Spectrapure, Coralife and any RO or RO/DI units that use standard 10” cartridges. The ChloraGuard 5-Micron Solid Catalytic Carbon Block cartridge removes chlorine, chloramine, taste & odor, and dissolved organic solids from your water. Units include Filter Housing Wrench and 5 ft. of Yellow and Blue 1/4" Tubing. Maximum incoming water pressure 80 PSI. Items 330322 (Single Cartridge), 330321 (Two Cartridges).

The ChloraGuard Solid Catalytic Carbon Block Chloramine Removal Filter Cartridge is unsurpassed for removing Chloramine in municipal water supplies that are disinfected with Chloramine. More and more water treatment plants have turned to Chloramine as an alternative to straight chlorine - Chloramine is a combination of Chlorine and Ammonia. Unlike straight Chlorine, which can be removed fairly easily, Chloramine remains in the water longer and is much more difficult to remove. FX ChloraGuard filter cartridges offer a unique carbon blend that delivers exceptionally low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity, and excellent contaminant reduction. For Kent Marine, Seachem, Spectrapure, and all RO or RO/DI units that use standard 10" cartridges. We have tested replacement cartridges from all manufacturers and believe ours are the best quality available. NOTE: We recommend all carbon cartridges are rinsed prior to use to remove any carbon dust that may be present during cartridge filling and shipping. Features: 1-Micron. No release of carbon fines. Usable temperature range 40 degrees to 100 degrees F - Exceptionally low pressure drop - Manufactured from NSF Standard 61 Certified Carbon - WQA and NSF certified and validated - Chloramine = Chlorine + Ammonia. Regular Filter Carbon Media removes ONLY the Chlorine in tap water - Ammonia is Toxic to Fish, Corals and Aquatic Plants. This Carbon Cartridge Removes Chlorine + Ammonia. Chloramine Cartridge Reduction Capacity > 3,400 gallons @ 0.5 gallons per minute, > 12,920 litres @ 1.9 litres per minute. Item 330399. 


Suggested water pressure: 65 PSI • Maximum water pressure: 80 PSI - Optimal Water Temperature: 77°F (25°C).