HM Electronics Cetus2 Marine/Reef Wireless LED Light

HM Electronics Cetus2 Marine/Reef Wireless LED Light

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INTELLIGENT DESIGN - Delivering vivid colors and brightness, the Cetus2 Marine with wireless smartphone control is designed to make reefing easier and more enjoyable. From the Great Barrier Reef to the Caribbean, pick one of six pre-programmed lighting scenes to mimic nature at it’s best or create a completely custom lighting scene.

ASTONISHING COLORS -A powerful blend of name brand Cree, Osram and Prolight LED’s deliver up to 59 watts of Triple Actinic Blue 395nm/415nm/447nm, Dual Blue 450nm/470nm, Dual Daylight White 3,000K/6,500K and Red 660nm LED’s in the photosynthetic range for the perfect blend of light for strong coral growth and amazing fluorescence.

ASPHERICAL LENS -Designed specifically for the cluster of LED's, the aspherical lens features both convex and concave optics to uniformly disperses the light through all sides of the lens.

SMART HEAT DISSIPATION -Copper heat-path technology conducts heat 100 times faster than standard aluminum, ensuring the fixture runs cool to prolong the LED life.

TDFC TECHNOLOGY: The built-in Temperature Dynamic Feedback Control constantly measures the fixture's internal temperature. If needed, the controller will automatically reduce the intensity of a specific LED channel to prolong the LED life.

SMARTPHONE CONTROL -Simply ensure your iOS or Android phone’s wireless is turned on, open the HME Aqua Master App and connect directly to the fixture. No need for complicated routers or networks. Item 420647

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