Twist-in 150 Water Saver Upgrade Kit Reverse Osmosis Deionization RO DI

Twist-in 150 Water Saver Upgrade Kit Reverse Osmosis Deionization RO DI

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You can only use this unit if you already own the Aquatic Life 75 or 100 GPD Twist-In RO/DI unit. This is NOT a stand-alone RO/DI system. Reverse Osmosis x 2 – When you add this Upgrade Kit to an AQUATIC LIFE 75 GPD Twist-In RO/DI unit, you can produce up to twice the amount of filtered water while reducing wastewater. Additional Filtration – By adding a second membrane and mixed bed resin cartridge to your existing Twist-In RO/DI unit, you can further filter the wastewater produced by the first membrane. Prolong Membrane Life – This Upgrade Kit includes a Flush Valve Assembly, making it easy to periodically bypass the Flow Restrictor to prevent build-up as quickly on the Membranes. Because you are adding this to an existing RO/DI unit, you must have enough water pressure to work with two membranes. Make sure your water pressure is between 55 and 80 PSI. Item 540664

Recommended Conditions:
• Minimum Water Pressure to maximize output - 55 PSI
• Max Water Pressure to the membrane - 90 PSI
• Recommended Water Temperature - 77°F
• Water hardness should not exceed 10 grains per gallon or 170 parts per million. Operating above this may shorten the membrane life.

Water pressure can be increased by adding our Smart Buddie Booster Pump, addition plumbing and arrangement will be required for your RO/DI system if a pressure increase is needed. Low pressure will cause slow production of filtered water and excess production of wastewater. Pressure over 90 PSI may cause damage to the RO/DI units components.

What's Included?
• (1) Twist-In Module (2 cartridge heads on metal bracket w/screws)
• (1) Twist-In 75 GPD Membrane Cartridge
• (1) Twist-In Color Changing Deionization Cartridge
• White Tubing
• Flush Valve Assembly
• Press-Fit Y Connector & Collet Tool

We do not recommend this item for drinking water applications. DI filtered water is not recommended for drinking.

Download the Twist-In Water Saver Upgrade Kit User Manual HERE