75 GPD TFC Membrane Filter

75 GPD TFC Membrane Filter

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  • Category: Standard Size RO/RODI Cartridges & Membranes
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ORIGINAL RO BUDDIE REPLACEMENT – Designed and manufactured to work with the Aquatic Life 75 GPD RO Buddie and most units that utilize the 1812-75 RO Element.

TDS REDUCTION - Designed for treatment of low-salinity water sources like tap water and well water, the 0.0001 micron Membrane removes up to 98% of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the water.

WORKS ON LOWER PRESSURE - Designed for best results with as little as 65 PSI and 77°F/25°C, making these membranes compatible with most RO and RO/DI units on the market.

DRY PACKED - Dry packed and vacuum-sealed to prevent spoiling during storage and transportation.

Features: Polyamide membrane material with a negative charge removes harmful substances - standard size 1812-75 RO element fits Aquatic Life and other brands of RO units - Spiral-wound and tape wrapped element ensures a long two-year life. Item 330712 (75 GPD). UPC #810957017125