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Add More Lights to your Aquatic Life Hybrid Light Fixture!

Add More Lights to your Aquatic Life Hybrid Light Fixture!

New for all Aquatic Life T5 HO Hybrid Mounting Fixtures, component rectangle and round mounting brackets are a perfect fit, and let you add more lights to your fixture. Each bracket can accept a wide variety of different LED modules, like the Aqua Illumination Hydra 26 & 52, EcoTech Radion XR15w & XR30w and Kessil A160, A360 & AP700. New component end plates allow you to customize your Hybrid fixture for narrow (16-18”) or wide (24-36”) tanks.
Our 4-Lamp T5 HO Hybrid Mounting Fixtures are available in four lengths and are 18” wide. The width is ideal for aquariums that are 18”-24” front-to-back. Our new 61” model is designed for use over a six foot aquarium and placing the LED fixtures at the end of the hybrid fixture will allow light to reach the ends of the tank. The included brackets for all sizes of our hybrid fixture will accommodate the Aqua Illumination Hydra 26 & Hydra 52, EcoTech Radion XR15w & XR30w, and the Kessil A360 & AP700 LED fixtures. Optional brackets and end plates are now available to add more LED fixtures and customize the hybrid fixture for narrow and wide tanks!
Now available: 2.5” round opening bracket, ideal for mounting the Kessil A160 LED fixture!
Add the FOUR T5HO lamps of your choice: 24” model – 24” lamps (24W), 36” model – 36” lamps (36W), 48” model – 48” lamps (54W), new 61” model – 60” lamps (80W).
But Wait, There's More!
• Our round brackets (4” & 2.5” openings) for the Kessil LED fixtures can be used for a 16” or 18” wide setup by rotating the bracket 90 degrees.
• Place LED fixtures at the end of the new 61” hybrid fixture to allow light to reach the ends of a six foot aquarium.
• Universal HEP brand ballasts work with 100-277 volts/50-60 Hz and drive popular T5HO lamps, including ATI and Giesemann.
EcoTech Radion, Kessil A160, Kessil A360, AI Hydra, AI Prime, Aqua Illumination, HEP and Giesemann trademarks are properties of their respective owners.


Nimrod sasson - Mar 31, 2020

Dear Acuatic life,
im looking for 61" HYBRID T5HO 4X80W, but i need it wide,
in the middle i plan to put 2 zetlight 6600 i have to today. they are in serial mode (one after each).
the wide of one zetlight is 27cm and 74cm long (with cable connectors).
so the width 12.25" (distance between T5) as you mention is perfect. but but i’m not sure about the internal length.
1. may i use your 61" hybrid with my lights ?
2. may i order directly from you. im from israel and i can pay with credit card or paypal. if theres otherway you prefer let me know.
3. is there any other colors like white ?

best regards , and thank you very much.

Nimrod Sasson

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