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Aquatic Life is Your Light Fixture Hanger Headquarters!

Aquatic Life is Your Light Fixture Hanger Headquarters!

With the Aquatic Life Floating Suspension, your fixture is securely attached to the wall behind the aquarium, allowing for easy access to the tank. Brackets allow the fixture to be positioned from 1" to 3.75" away from the wall and work with the original Aquatic Life Hybrid and the new DX18 Hybrid fixtures. Specially designed cable ball sockets allow the cables to angle away from the front of the fixture, providing a clean look. A suspension-bridge cable design minimizes the footprint of the hanger while providing strength. Best of all, you don’t need to move your established aquarium to install.



Frankie Amarillas - Jan 15, 2020

I just purchased the aquatic life T5 and was wondering if your developing a leg type on tank mounting system.

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