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Five Upgrades to Maximize the Performance of Your RO & RO/DI System

Five Upgrades to Maximize the Performance of Your RO & RO/DI System

As we all know, after some time keeping a reef tank it becomes very obvious just how valuable your RO/DI system has become. At Aquatic Life we carry a wide variety of accessories that will help you get the most out of your RO/DI system. Read on as we discuss our top five favorite upgrades and add-ons for your RO/DI system.

A booster pump increases water pressure into your RO/DI system. This optimizes TFC membrane performance by maximizing product water production and reducing waste water. Aquatic Life leads the way with our economical Smart Buddie Booster Pump that is exceptionally easy to install, with quick disconnect fittings and a high-pressure switch that automates its operation. Our booster pump may be used with all 50 and 100 gallon-per-day RO and RO/DI systems.

Our flush valve kit is very inexpensive and super simple to install. It works by creating a by-pass for the flow restrictor which then allows tap water to rush through the membrane at full pressure and flush away debris. Aquatic Life has a simple, inexpensive and easy to use flush valve kit for all standard 10” RO and RO/DI systems including our RO Buddie’s, as well as the flush cartridge for our new Twist-In systems.

We recommend flushing your membrane for 30-60 seconds before and after every use of your RO/DI system. Flushing the membrane regularly will dramatically increase the lifespan of your membrane and DI cartridge. Also, always remember to flush your membrane after you purchase a new membrane. All membranes contain a preservative solution that needs to be removed prior to use. The preservative will also exhaust your DI resin very quickly if not removed from the membrane.

A standard RO/DI system will have three vertical canisters and a RO membrane on top. By installing an additional canister you can add an additional pre-filter sediment cartridge, carbon block cartridge, DI cartridge or Chloramine and/or VOC removal cartridge. Adding these additional cartridges will really help your water quality if your tap water has a lot of contaminates or contains chloramines.

The Aquatic Life Single & Dual Stage Deionization Systems are perfect for adding more DI stages to your RO/DI system, as the kits include the extra canisters and one or two of our nuclear grade MBD-30 mixed bed deionization resin cartridges. Our Nuclear Grade color changing mixed bed DI resin is the best available, and can be purchased in 1 liter, 2 liter and 5 liter bulk sizes to refill your cartridges, or you can replace your standard 10” DI cartridges very economically with our 3-pack DI cartridge bundle. We also sell our 10” clear refillable cartridges for DIY’ers!

The Aquatic Life Chloramine Removal Canister System is an ideal upgrade for dealing with Chloramines, as the kit includes the extra canister as well as one or two chloramine-removal cartridges. We use only Filtrex FX-ChloraGuard coconut shell catalytic carbon block cartridges in our Chloramine removal upgrade.

These canister add-on systems are especially useful when filtering large quantities of RO/DI water on a regular basis. While you will need to make a small investment up front, it will definitely save you money in the long run by helping to increase the life span of all the filter cartridges in your system and by giving you better quality purified water for your aquarium.

RO/DI systems work great for producing filtered water for your tank, yet unfortunately they operate fairly slowly, and if you need water fast waiting around for 6-8-12 hours is not ideal. By installing our automatic shut-off float valve kit onto a reservoir, tank or sump, your RO/DI system can automatically produce water as needed ensuring you always have fresh RO/DI water available. When the reservoir is full of RO/DI water the float will close and increase pressure in the RO/DI system and trigger the shut-off valve which then stops tap water from entering the unit. When the water level in your reservoir drops, the float will open, pressure will then drop inside the RO/DI system and the shut-off will then re-open and allow tap water to enter the system for filtering.

The float valve is attached to a reservoir and connected to the filtered water line from your RO/DI system. The Aquatic Life Float Valve Kit allows you to fill large tanks, containers, and aquariums automatically. If you are using this with a RO or RO/DI system, you WILL NOT need any other components, as this kit includes the necessary auto shut-off valve, check valve and tubing.

When you own an RO/DI system it really makes no sense to purchase filtered water for drinking because you can actually produce clean drinking water right in your own home. Our add-on drinking water kit allows you to automatically collect RO water in a pressurized tank, which is then always available for drinking water with the included chrome faucet.

The Aquatic Life Add-on Drinking Water Kit includes everything needed to convert your current RO or RO/DI unit to a drinking water system. Easy installation with our RO Buddie and Twist-In reverse osmosis systems - units sold separately. The pressurized tank and faucet are included, along with the parts needed to bypass the DI (deionization) stage of your RO/DI system. The pressurized tank ensures that 2.8 gallons of water will be available on demand for drinking water.

Everything you need to connect and maintain your standard size 10" RO system for ONLY $27.99 - If purchased separately over $40!

Until next time, take care and happy reefing!

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