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Lighting Considerations for Small Aquariums

Lighting Considerations for Small Aquariums

LED lighting has been proven to have several advantages over other types of lighting for aquarium use. From dramatic energy savings, to providing amazing color and shimmer effects, to long service life, LED lighting is now the only real consideration for small Nano and Picotope aquariums. LED lights provide an intense point-source light that creates amazing shimmer in your small aquarium. White LEDs produce the most shimmer, and you'll also need to have some surface rippling to really make your tank stand out!

The lighting you choose for your small tank will make a big difference - when it comes to maintaining a home aquarium, lighting is a key consideration. Though your fish may not technically require lighting in a physiological way, they will look much more attractive if they are well lit. Aquarium plants, on the other hand, do require adequate lighting in order to thrive and grow. If you have a standard tank size between 20 and 30 gallons, you probably won’t have any trouble finding a light fixture designed to fit your size tank. If you are keeping a smaller tank or even a Nano or Picotope tank, however, you might have some difficulty. Do not worry! There are great options out there for you, which we will discuss below. Fortunately, lighting for small aquariums (particularly LED lighting) is generally pretty affordable. If you have decided that you are setting up a basic fish tank, probably freshwater with maybe some live plants, you’ll be looking for a simple, affordable lighting solution.

Recommended Lighting for Small Tanks

The Aquatic Life Reno Clamp LED fixtures are designed specifically with rimless aquariums in mind. If you prefer not to cover your tank with a glass top or canopy, and don’t like the look of most common fluorescent hood lighting, then the Reno LED clamp fixtures may be the right choice for you. These fixtures use 8000K Natural Daylight white LEDs that are perfect for fish only or fish only with live plant aquariums, and the flexible gooseneck allows you to focus the light where it is needed most, while the included screw adapter fits tanks up to 8mm (.030") in thickness so you can place it wherever you like. These fixtures are so small and attractive you may even decide to use two lights over your tank! Another benefit of small light fixtures like the Reno LED is you can have a little fun and make your tank unique by using them as accent lighting. Most accent lighting is supplied by LEDs, and is generally intended to be used in conjunction with another lighting source to add a little extra light, or to emphasize decorations, bubble wands, plants, or even fish! The Aquatic Life Reno clamp light fixtures give you more choices for achieving the best lighting possible for your small aquarium.

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