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Only 5-Star Reviews on Our Twist-In Dual Deionization Filtration Unit!

Only 5-Star Reviews on Our Twist-In Dual Deionization Filtration Unit!

Only 5-Star Reviews on Our Twist-In Dual Deionization Filtration Unit

Amazon Customer                                                                                                5.0 out of 5 stars

Great product                                                                                                January 2, 2019                                                                                                Style: DI Cartridge                                                                                          Verified Purchase

My tds on my home tap water is in the 480 range once it goes thru this product tds is to 0 great unit for the price!


JAH-Just a Handyman                                                                                              5.0 out of 5 stars 

Well engineered DI unit                                                                                        May 21, 2018                                                                                                    Style: Dual DI Unit                                                                                          Verified Purchase

These are extremely easy to install. I installed mine after an RO unit which is putting out 4 PPM. This drops it to 0 PPM, so it is doing its job. It has been up and running about 6 months (120 gallons or so) and I have noticed no change in the media color so I think the capacity of this unit will be quite good for my purposes. The twist mount is quite nice and seemed to seal well. The installation was quite easy and the connectors seemed good quality. I am pretty picky about my equipment and I find these to be quite nice and I am very happy with them.

Product Information: The Aquatic Life Twist-In Color Changing Dual Deionization filter system is a very compact dual cartridge solution that efficiently combines improved color changing di resin media performance with our quick and easy to change twist-in replacement filter cartridges. After the water is filtered by a membrane (not included), there is usually a small amount of total dissolved solids (tds) left in the water. In certain non-drinking water applications, it is important to remove the remaining total dissolved solids from the water. This is accomplished by filtering the water through a resin that is charged with cation and anion resins (H+ and oh-). as the resin absorbs the tds it will change color. When the entire resin cartridge has changed color it is time to replace the cartridge. The new twist-in media cartridge design makes filter changes simple, easy and clean – no tools required and no mess! the twist-in cartridges can be easily changed in only seconds with just a quarter turn and without contact with used filter material. It is important the cartridges are installed post membrane filter to prolong the life of the deionization cartridge. Assembled product Dimensions: 6”W x 4”D x 13”H. Weight: 4lbs.

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