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You Won't Believe The Price Of These Membranes!

You Won't Believe The Price Of These Membranes!

Imagine a 50 GPD RO Membrane with a 97.5% rejection rate
for only $12.89 including shipping!
Or a 100 GPD Membrane for only $21.89!

We kid you not, these membranes are something to consider the next time you need to replace the membrane in your RO Buddie, Classic RO, BRS, SpectraPure, KleenWater, AquaFX, Puratek and more.

At Aquatic Life, we have been using the Vontron Membranes to make water for our own aquariums for over a year with great results.

The materials used to manufacture the Vontron Membranes are NSF certified to ANSI 58 standards for drinking water applications.

We know you'll rate these membranes as high as we do, so grab a replacement Vontron Membrane today and keep some cash in your pocket for the next prized coral, plant or fish.


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