10 x 4.5-Inch Sediment & Carbon Replacement Cartridge Bundle

10 x 4.5-Inch Sediment & Carbon Replacement Cartridge Bundle

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 AquaticLife 10" x 4.5" Sediment and Carbon Block Filters Big Blue 2-Stage Whole House Water Filter Replacement Cartridges, 5-Micron

  • WHOLE HOUSE WATER FILTER REPLACEMENTS – Reduce harmful contaminants from your entire home’s water and easily replace the filters in your whole house water filter system with these replacement cartridges.
  • 5-MICRON SEDIMENT CARTRIDGE – Highly recommended due to longer life and cost-effectiveness, the 5-Micron sediment pre-filter cartridge ensures removal of particulate matter such as dirt, sand, silt, and rust.
  • 5-MICRON CARBON BLOCK FILTER – Coconut shell activated carbon block filter cartridge adds an additional layer of filtration. It removes chlorine, sediment, bad taste, bad odor, and organic contaminants from water.
  • UNIVERSAL STANDARD SIZE – The 2-stage big blue whole house water filter replacement cartridges fit all standard 4.5” x 10” whole home water filter system housings. They are designed for quick and easy replacement.
  • UNSURPASSED QUALITY AND SATISFACTION – AquaticLife manufactures an assortment of water filtration equipment. Every product that goes out the door meets our highest standards and quality.

Suggested water pressure: 65 PSI • Maximum water pressure: 80 PSI - Optimal Water Temperature: 77°F (25°C).

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